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So it’s almost a full week since Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been released, and while I’ve had limited time to play this week, what little I have played I am in love with! Being the Mayor, and having more control over the towns appearance is an addition that really makes the game worth getting.

Now you’re not only saving all of the Bells you can to upgrade your house, but the town as well. Most of my free time is at night, so I am looking forward to changing my area to a night owl kinda town. Stores and people will then be up late, and I won’t be creeping around the town all by myself at night.


Also, don’t forget to check out the official Animal Crossing: New Leaf website where you can find QR Codes to scan for really neat exclusive clothing designs. To find the QR codes go here  then scroll down a bit till you see the option list below and select Exclusive Designs.



Here’s a peek at all the cool designs you can get for free:



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